Find your way to Skånes Djurpark

You will find us in the middle of Skåne, the most southern part of Sweden. We are located about 3 km north of Höör. From Höör Centre there is a nice cycle path directly to the Zoo

Driving to Skåne Animal Park

Drive to Höör and then follow the signs towards "Skånes Djurpark". You take the exit north from route 23.  GPS address: Jularp 150. WGS 84-Lat: N 55 ° 57 ' 47.55 "Long: E 13 ° 32 ' 11.08" RT 90-X = 6,206,161 Y = 1,358,319

Train and bus to Skåne Animal Park

All trains called “Pågatåg”, and some of the trains, called “Öresundståg”, stops at the railway station in Höör. Skånes Animal Park is located 3 km from the station. You can go there by bus. Buses stop at the north side of the station in Höör, where  also the “Pågatåg” stops. To find the current schedule visit Buy a ticket for the whole journey at once: Zone 145.

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Inkluderer alle aktiviteter og opplevelser med unntak av mat, spill og klatreløypa Høydeskrekk.
Inkluderer alle aktiviteter og opplevelser med unntak av spill og klatreløypa Høydeskrekk.
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