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Skånes Djurpark

- the Zoo of Nordic Animals

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There are more than 75 different species of Nordic animals living in Skånes Djurpark.

Open every day the whole year round.

Opening hours and Entrance fees
Finding your way to Skånes Djurpark
Strolling about in the park
Food and lodging
Children's zoo and water slides etc.
Children's birthday parties and other parties
Conditions for the animals
Preservation of endangered species
Wolfs at Skånes Djurpark


The entrance

Opening hours for the entrance 2014

January - March: Every day 10.00 - 15.00. The park closes at 16.00.
April: Every day 10.00-16.00.The park closes at 18.00
Maj - August: Every day 10.00 - 17.00. The park closes at 19.00.
September: Every day 10.00-16.00.The park closes at 18.00
October - December: Every day 10.00 - 15.00. The park closes at 16.00.

The shop is open every day!

Due to veterinary reasons, no dogs or other pets may enter the park.

Entrance fees

1/1 - 31/3 & 1/10 - 31/12
Adults: 120 kr.
Children 4 - 15 years: 40 kr *. 0 - 3 years: free *
Groups (at least 15 persons): Adults: 100 kr. Children: 20 kr.Joint payment.
* Children have to be accompanied by an adult.

1/4 - 30/9
Adults: 180 kr.
Children 4 - 15 years: 70 kr *. 0 - 3 years: Free *.
Groups (at least 15 persons): Adults: 160 kr. Children: 60 kr. Joint payment.
* Children have to be accompanied by an adult.

A limited number of carts can be rented for 40 kr each at the entrance.

Skånes Djurpark is easy to find!

Skånes Djurpark is situated in the middle of Skåne (the most southern part of Sweden), about 3 km north of Höör. As the roads are well sign-posted it is easy to find us. See map in new window.

By car: drive to Höör and then follow the signposts in Höör towards Skånes Djurpark. Exit northward from road 23.
GPS: Address: Jularp 150.
WGS 84 - Lat: N 55° 57' 47.55" Long: E 13° 32' 11.08"
RT 90 - X= 6206161 Y= 1358319

Train and bus — Local trains from Copenhagen and Malmö etc. stop in Höör, from the station you'll take a bus around 3 km. Link to trip planner.

In the area, you can find cultural life, shops, food & lodging and the opportunity to go swimming and do other open-air activities.

Strolling about in the park

All walking paths are asphalted, so that even prams and wheelchairs get around easily. The outer walk is approximately 3 km long.

Food and lodging

The nature and environment of Skånes Djurpark invite you to a picnic! Bring your own food & coffee and sit down at one of the many resting-places, some with barbecue facilities.

Inside the park you'll find Björnbergets Cafeteria 0046(0)738-56 49 00, which is open April - September. During the winter, the shop offers something hot or cold to drink, icecream, cookies and sweets.

For more information about lodging, contact the tourist office in Höör 0046 (0)413 - 275 75. They will also be able to help you with information about package offers, which include several nights in varying establishments and also a visit to Skånes Djurpark.

Children's Zoo and water slides etc.

Come in and play with the animals! Lambs, goats, calves, bunnies, hens, guinea-pigs... In the Children's Zoo you will find friendly and curious domestic animals with their youngs.
In the summer, our two 70 meter long water slides are open. There are also several kinds of playgrounds inside the park.

Conditions for the animals

Skånes Djurpark is built according to the needs of the animals. In their large enclosures, the animals can preserve their natural behaviour. At the same time the visitors' interest to witness as much as possible of the animals' lives is taken into consideration. Therefore several species are kept in easily accessible show enclosures during opening hours which offer a good view for the visitors. During non-opening hours larger, private enclosures are opened where the animals can spend their time.

Preservation of endangered species

Skånes Djurpark focuses on the Nordic fauna. The park is part of the European cooperation to preserve endangered species. This work includes, in addition to the keeping of wild animals, the care of endangered domestic species.

Wolves at Skånes Djurpark

At the moment, we keeping 4 wolvess at Skånes Djurpark. They arrived from Russia in June 2012 and are to be placed together with a wolf of the opposite sex in three other parks and Skånes Djurpark and by that creating four new couples in Sweden. This is a project run by the Swedish Naturvårdsverk to strengthen the Swedish wolf